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When it’s the best time to start the process in order to enter into an American college/university?

The ideal period would be at the end of the 4th year of high school. In this way it will be possible to do a more in depth research. There are many steps to do before being able to get in contact with a college coach.

In which period of time start the coaches to look for new prospect players?

Generally, the coaches start to look for new players at the beginning of the summer period when the season is over and there is much more time to recruit.

How many hours a week to college athletes train?

In the colleges there is a maximum of 20 hours of mandatory training per week. All the extra training sessions requested from the player to the coach are always allowed.

When you are part of a team is everything paid from the school?

Once you are considered a college-athlete for a specific university, all the activities that are done with the team are covered from the school! The universities generally provide shoes, clothing, grips, hotel, food, and travel expenses.

How can TS-CollegeTennis help me?

Thanks to the experience of our team, of which some have experienced the college tennis life, and with the numerous contacts with college coaches we will be able to find the university that best fits you! Our job is to assist you step by step. This is a very complicated process, which requires many hours of work and a lot of times people are not able to finish it and they unfortunately need to give up a lifetime experience! We will be next to you from the beginning of this adventure, during your time as a college athlete and even after your four years of college tennis in order to collect feedbacks and special memories!

How many tournament will I play in a year?

In college tennis there are two different periods:

  • The "Off Season", where the training is intense and players play a maximum of five tournaments, always organized by the school
  • The "Season" starts from January and ends in May. In this period of time usually two matches per weekend will be played. Teams travel a lot and there is almost no time to relax

Can I ask help to TS-CollegeTennis only to get in contact with the coaches and skip all the other steps?

Of Course! If you prefer to do all the previous steps on your own and you need only help in finding the right school, TS-CollegeTennis will set up a personalized package for you!


TS College Tennis offers to every tennis player an exclusive step by step service that helps each athlete to enter into an American university.

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